Oksana Lang

Gestalt Practitioner

I am offering psychological consultations as a Gestalt therapist in education:

  • Onsite in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Online via video-call apps
  • Languages: English, Estonian, Ukrainian

The price of up to 60 min consultation is 35€

Happy to help with depression, burnout, life changes adaptation, work and personal relationships, and general life satisfaction.

About me

My journey with mental health topics started in 2018 when I was diagnosed with clinical depression. The main trigger was becoming a mother of two and the challenges of the postpartum period when the feeling of control over my life was lost. Gestalt psychotherapy, along with medical treatment, helped me to fully recover from depression and find the light in my life again.

I am Ukrainian, and I relocated to Estonia in 2011. I have a B2 language proficiency in the Estonian language. I have been married for almost 10 years now, and am a mother to an 8-years-old daughter and a 6-years-old son.

My first professional qualification is Software Engineering, and I work full-time as a Project Manager.

In my free time, I visit the gym, play ukulele in an orchestra, enjoy reading fiction books, and grow flowers in my garden in Tallinn suburbs.

Education in the psychological field:

  • 2021 – now – Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia, Denmark
  • 2023 – Mental Health First Aid course (by, Estonia)
  • 2022 – Developmental psychology (3 EAP), Clinical psychology (6 EAP), University of Tartu
  • 2021 – General and Social Psychology (3 EAP), Tallinn University

The first step towards recovering is allowing yourself to Feel It

What is Gestalt?

“Gestalt therapists believe that people potentially have all the necessary abilities to solve their problems or face their difficulties.”

Phil Jouce and Charlotte Sills

Sometimes, life circumstances and personal history cause us to choose behaviors that feel safe for the moment but far from happiness. Gestalt techniques help to uncover the true needs of the human being and help build fulfilling relationships.